Telephone scams are more targetted- August 2022

As of August 2022, we have spotted a new telephone scam variant which seems to be slightly more targeted and made to look a little more legitimate, but is still easily detectable.

The scam will sounds like…

– You will receive a automated call.

– An automated “English-British” voice will inform you that transactions have been made on your credit card, and will specify the type of purchase (Ex: $1400 Gift Card – INTL).

– It will then give you the option to “Authorize by pressing 1” or “Do NOT authorize by pressing 2”.

– You will then be transferred to an operator with a thick international accent. (IE: India) who will greet you by your name (Hello Mister such & such*, how may I help you?).

I played with the caller a bit by asking him by asking him what his name was, and with a thick “South Mumbai” accent, he replied “Bill Smith”, and hung up on me immediately after I asked him to tell me what time it was where he was calling me from.

Obviously, the threat actor got hold of one of my phone numbers which is associated with my name, otherwise, this scam wouldn’t be as personalized as it was. Since my number isn’t posted anywhere, they must of breached the database of some of the businesses I have used in the past, Netflix, Amazon & Costco being some of the bigger players and many smaller insurance companies, including Equifax which has been breached before.

Be vigilant!

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