About Cyberinsight.ca

I built this website with the primary objective of sharing my insights and perspectives on the subject of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Information technology is not only a chosen profession, but it also holds a special place as a lifetime hobby.

An example of my dedication to this interest is the creation of this WordPress server built from an old Pentium II PC which was found in a recycle bin. Though not an ardent environmentalist, I take pleasure in restoring and repurposing various vintage information technology hardware, granting them a renewed lease on life.

It is essential to clarify that this site is not a commercial enterprise; we neither engage in selling anything nor seek profits from publishing, and the articles published here represent only my views, opinions and insights.

This website solely exists as a platform to indulge in my hobbies, cybersecurity being one of the prominent subjects. I hope that you find value, knowledge, and hopefully, a new insight on topics of interest. Articles on this site are written either by myself, my trusty AI agent or a collaboration. My AI agent definitely writes better than I can. I just provide it with key directives and let it loose.

Please enjoy your stay.