Bing Chat and ChatGPT can’t handle basic logic

Bing Chat

To see if Bing Chat was able to handle logic problem, I submitted a question to Microsoft’s Bing Chat and received a strange answer. Here’s the question to Bing Chat.

Question: If you line-up 3 wet towels on a clothesline and it takes them 3 hours to dry, how long will it take 9 wet towels to dry on that same clothesline.

Bing Chat’s Answer: The answer to your question depends on several factors, such as the size and thickness of the towels, the weather conditions, and the spacing between the towels on the clothesline. Assuming that all these factors are constant, and that the drying time is proportional to the number of towels, then we can use a simple formula to find the answer:

where the drying rate is the number of towels that can dry in one hour. In your case, you have 3 towels that dry in 3 hours, so the drying rate is 1 towel per hour. Therefore, if you have 9 towels, the drying time would be:

However, this is only an estimate based on a mathematical model. In reality, there may be other factors that affect the drying time, such as humidity, wind speed, and temperature. If you want to learn more about how these factors affect the drying process, you can check out some of these links:

  • [How to Dry Clothes Outside (with Pictures)]
  • [How Long Does It Take Clothes To Dry On A Clothesline?]
  • [Factors Affecting Drying Time]

Bing Chat obvious failed this 3rd grade level question. I also noticed that when answer are challenged, Bing Chat act like a real jerk, accentuating it’s superior knowledge, event when it’s wrong. Bing Chat’s ability to spellcheck is also horrible compared to the far superior skills and accuracy provided by ChatGPT.

In my humble opinion, Bing Chat was released to the public way too early and will probably cause it’s reputation to be known as “mediocre” for years to come.

Let’s see how ChatGPT handles the same question.


Question: If you line-up 3 wet towels on a clothesline and it takes them 3 hours to dry, how long will it take 9 wet towels to dry on that same clothesline.

ChatGPT’s answer: If it takes 3 hours for 3 wet towels to dry on the same clothesline, you can estimate the drying time for 9 wet towels using the following proportion:

3 hours for 3 towels = X hours for 9 towels
To solve for X, you can set up the proportion as follows:
(3 hours / 3 towels) = (X hours / 9 towels)

Now, cross-multiply and solve for X:

3 * 9 = 3X
27 = 3X
X = 27 / 3
X = 9

So, it would likely take approximately 9 hours for 9 wet towels to dry on the same clothesline under similar conditions. This assumes that all other factors remain constant, such as weather conditions, humidity, and the capacity of the clothesline. In reality, drying times can vary due to these factors, so this is a rough estimate.

Both LLC warriors failed this logic question. I’m sad, I’m disappointed, I’m mad, I’m hopeful. Obviously, it’s just a question of time before they implant enough logic algorithms in those language chatboxes to put a PhD to shame.

ChatGPT and BingChat are obviously a “work in progress” and possibly have been released a bit prematurely. But the race to AI glory might have detrimental effects.

Here’s an excellent video explaining why those AI chatbots have such problems.

Bing Chat Behaving Badly – Computerphile


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