What is this revolutionary Q* AI discovery: The Discovery That Threatens Humanity

Q* (pronounced Q-Star) is the latest buzzword in artificial intelligence circles. It appears that it might have been behind the motivation for OpenAI’s CEO firing.

The problem is this: nobody knows exactly what Q* is about, other than it’s the name of a project at OpenAI, and it has startled some experts. My sleuthing around led me to think it’s about a new method of having AI learn faster and be more accurate, bringing it much closer to an AGI model than previously thought. The concept of “Synthetic Data” is introduced in these video and is nothing short of fascinating.

I watched tons of videos on this topic and selected the three videos I believe have the best analysis and coverage of Q*. These videos explain, to my satisfaction and hopefully yours, what Q* might be about and how it should impact the growth of AI. You will also learn about Synthetic Data and how it will be so important.

Matthew Berman: What Is Q*? The Leaked AGI BREAKTHROUGH That Almost Killed OpenAI

Wes Roth: Q* Q Star Hypothesis | Is this hybrid of GPT and AlphaGO? AI self-play and synthetic data


AI Explained: Q* – Clues to the Puzzle?



In the past 24 hours, a little more “speculations” surfaced about Q*. Putting my tin hat on, I deduced that the threat being referred to has to do with the ability for Q* to possibly crack today’s advanced encryption, without the use of Quantum computers. Yep, that could qualify as a major disaster since everything relevant today requires some form of encryption.

Wes Roth made an update video with watching. It digs a bit into speculated arguments for what Q* is all about… let’s dive into the rabbit hole!

Wes Roth: Q* why AI that is “Good at Math” a “Threat to Humanity”? | Q star



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