iPhone Airdrop Prank Lands Man in Jail

In October 2022, Keith Diemer, aged 35, was aboard a flight departing from Dallas. During the course of the flight, he made the ill-advised decision to play a prank on fellow passengers by utilizing Apple’s Airdrop feature to send a threatening message. This seemingly harmless “prank” set off a chain of events that would leave an indelible mark on Keith’s life.

Upon receiving the Airdrop message, passengers, rightfully concerned for their safety, promptly reported the incident to the cabin crew. The cabin crew, in turn, immediately notified the pilots, prompting a swift decision to reroute the flight to Albuquerque. This marked the commencement of Keith’s escalating predicament.

Upon landing in Albuquerque, the airport authority exercised caution by directing the plane to an isolated area. Subsequently, the aircraft was boarded, and Keith Diemer was removed from the flight.

A video documenting the law enforcement response to the incident captures the gravity of the situation, underscoring that there was nothing amusing about it. Keith Diemer’s ill-conceived prank proved to be a costly affair, not only alarming innocent passengers but also causing distress to the airline crew. As a consequence, Keith found himself in legal trouble, facing the possibility of a maximum sentence of five years.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that engaging in frivolous activities while traveling is not to be taken lightly. Traveling demands a serious approach, and any attempt at humor that compromises the safety and comfort of others can lead to severe consequences. Furthermore, individuals are advised against carrying items that could be misconstrued as prank devices, including remote triggers, scanning tools, or multi-function devices like the notorious “Flipper Zero.” I hope this little story will make you think before deciding to use technology to play pranks. Apple make nice products, but often, then create solutions in search of problems.

Cop Watch: Man Sends Scary Message to Plane Passengers


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